• Activities at Lake Biwa
  • Activities at Lake Biwa
  • Activities at Lake Biwa
  • Activities at Lake Biwa

O’PAL Nature &
Experience Activities

O'PAL is located in Shiga Prefecture, on the shores of Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa.
We offer a wide range of activities, so whether your preference be kayaking or cycling,
cultural experiences or paddleboarding, we've got you covered!

Blessed with abundant nature, culture, history, and more,
let us show you everything Lake Biwa and Shiga have to offer!

木のイラスト アクティビティのイラスト

Our recommendations

  • Other
    【Simple Plan】Water Tuber Experience on Lake Biwa

    Friday, April 29th - Sunday, November 27th, 2022

  • Other
    【Simple Plan】Water Ball on Lake Biwa (First in Japan!)

    *Currently unavailable due to the possiblity of heat stroke. Planned to reopen this September.

    It's back! One of our most popular water activities and the first in Japan!

  • Cycling Tours
    【Full Day Plan】Combination Kayak & Rental Bicycle Plan! Enjoy a special day at O’PAL

    Friday, April 29th, 2022 - Sunday, November 27th, 2022

    A company favorite! A special day at O'PAL
    Combination kayak experience and rental bicycle "Create your own Cycling Adventure" plan.

It is our wish that everyone who visits O'PAL has the opportunity to explore and discover the abundant nature and wonder of Lake Biwa
and its surrounding areas through our many activities.
We hope you find an activity you love!

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O'PAL activities offer a unique blend of nature and culture. Visitors can experience nature through water activities such as kayaking or SUP on Lake Biwa, in addition to culture and history by cycling through rice fields and mountains of the local areas, or trekking through the abundant nature and history of Mt. Hiei.

something special!


5-265-1 Ogoto, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Wednesdays(Closed Tues. & Wed. January - February. Open every day during summer.)
■By car
15 min. via Meishin Kyoto Higashi IC; 5 min. via Kosei Bypass Ogi Ogoto IC.

■By train
20 min. via JR Kosei Line from JR Kyoto Station (get off at Ogoto Onsen Station).
Approx. 12 min walk from station.
*Please use a local train. Rapid Express trains do not stop at Ogoto Onsen Station.

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